3 Strategies to 
Explode Audience Engagement and Sales

There's a world of customers online

who are looking for you !

➤ Are you a small business owner who wants to attract & engage your customers with the solutions & benefits they seek?

➤ Do you want to expand your results, find and connect with your customers more frequently, less expensively and online?

➤ Do you want them to realize: you're exactly the provider they've hoped to find!

Do you want to see improved results with your marketing actions before December?

Yes? Here it is: an easy to follow system that’s Practical, Actionable and Results-Focused

This is the system you’ll rely on for improved marketing and sales results, over and over again.

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For a Lifetime of Revenue Results,

Build Client Relationships that Deliver 

More than Transactions

3 Strategies to Explode Audience Engagement

In business, there’s no such thing as ‘build it and they will come’.

In business, you have to know who wants your product or service and, even more important:

➤ You have to know why they want it. That's marketing's job. 

➤ You have to know what will lead them to act as you want them to. That's marketing's job.

➤ It's far less costly to get business from your existing customers than to chase the next ones - That's marketing's job, too!

In marketing, you need 3 things to build satisfied and long-term clients:

  • Traffic - relevant, nurtured people, intrigued to learn more from you; this happens with...
  • Funnels - the natural path to create trust, satisfaction and a desire for more; this leads to...
  • Conversions - more sales from existing clients along with your new one, lower cost of sales and higher client retention; this leads to...
  • BONUS!! Big Happiness - for your business and for you!

More and more your marketing activities are taking place online. 

And, more and more: you're clicking here, liking there, doing what they tell you to do and it's frustrating as hell. Not much is happening, is it?        

Do you want to quickly advance your success in the digital world to produce your desired results - sales, repeat buyers, referrals and more?

Join me for a 5-week, practical training that will teach you  

3 Strategies to Explode Audience Engagement like this:

  1. Clearly understand your audience's desires around your product and create marketing messages that speak directly to their desired outcomes with your goods or services.
  2. Build the funnel in harmony with continuing to please your customer so they continue to deliver countless benefits to your business.
  3. Nurture long-term, happy customers so you reduce your cost of sales and increase the value each customer delivers to your business.

Gain your customer's trust (and their purchases!) even more effectively than you do now.

Over 5 weeks, we'll plot your prospect's journey 

to reach a desired destination:
the experience they want and the sales you want 

How? Like This:

Do The Work, Enjoy its Results and Get Rewarded with More Growth Ahead


Module 1:         Know, Like, Trust 

Get them to know, like and trust you so they're curious about what you recommend and will offer next. We'll meet for a live group meeting.

Module 2:         Funnel Power 

Harness the power of the marketing funnel and keep it going with its surprising 2nd-stage marketing power for results NO ONE EVER TELLS YOU ABOUT!

Module 3:        Headline Grab  

Use our headline formula to get your content read so customers keep coming back for more meaningful results from your services. Join the live group meeting.

Module 4:

Beyond Content 

Maximize the power of content marketing with the secret ingredient no one talks about yet quickly relates your products/services to exactly what your customers want.

Module 5:

Why They'll Love You 

Create an autoresponder series to reinforce your ongoing, unique value so customers love doing business with you, over and over again. We'll meet for a live group meeting.

Brief lessons in a common sense sequence:

build on what you learned last week, ready for what you'll learn next. 

Here's How Your Training Gets Delivered:

  • Each week you'll receive 1-3 brief video lessons (just 10 minutes) to lay the foundation for a marketing assignment. We'll meet 3 times as a group to expand your results.
  • Each video comes with a companion Action Guide to customize the lesson to your situation and make it easy to take action.
  • You'll know exactly how to nurture their interest, improve each offer you make so your customer wants more from you and delivers more value to you ~
  • Submit your completed Action Guides each week to score bonus surprise rewards!
  • And, as you'll see below, this is a no-risk investment: I've guaranteed your results or your money back!
Dina Legland

"You really nailed it: sometimes you have to walk away and you’ll come back with a refreshed point of view so I can say exactly what I need to say. I’m learning how to use more powerful words!”

Dina Legland, Wellness Warriors for Life


What They Say about the Course

Elissa Rand, President, Cleaned to Perfection

“I have really enjoyed this course and had moments of ‘Really? I never knew that!’ For me, the most interesting section of the course dealt with sequential systems. I have worked on my website material on instinct, using rules of marketing learned long ago.  This  brought great insight into how to market in today's ever-changing world.”

Elissa Rand; President, Cleaned to Perfection

“Just a couple of sentences with Andrea's tweaking suggestions changed a whole lot for me. What a teacher! Thank you Andrea for doing all you do and for all you bring to the world!”

Susan Capurso, East End Doula

“I'm so looking forward to the next few months; with your help and guidance my business will prosper, thank you!”

Loretta DeGregoria, Loretta Fay

"I found your daily video full of interesting and very useful tips and techniques for elevating my "game" on the different social media platforms. I will be leveraging those wonderful ideas that you shared with us. I find that you are one of a small number of people on FB who really delivers substantial value in so many ways. Thank you again for sharing excellence so generously."

Keith G. Ginsberg,          Director, Club Z Tutoring

"The feedback you gave me will help move my business to the next level. You're so quick and gracious to respond to questions."

Leah Frankel, Retirement Concierge

Carol Lightner

"You explain marketing principles very well and focus on those most important for us to use to grow our businesses and practices. No fluff! All shared in an easy- to-understand way! I also like that you address the emotional component, so important for making that sale!"

Carol Leitner, Holistic Health Advisor

"25 years guiding businesses (including mine) has earned you an incredible reputation for making us all more successful. You are indeed a surgeon cutting through the nonsense and intellectual BS that keeps the uneducated from being all they deserve to be. If you haven't jumped on board yet with Andrea, what are you waiting for?' "

Marty Greenstein, entertainer

"Hi Andrea, Nicely done! Keep up your great work - you are a Master at this!"

Paula D'Andrea


What’s Inside the e-Course? Those 5 Robust Modules? Here's a Sneak Peek...

You’ll be surprised with this revelation in Module #4 

What is context in marketing? It’s the powerful new driver of this established strategy to amplify results ~ 

You’ll get their attention fast, Module #1 

This is something you learned how to do as a kid; it's remarkable how powerful it still is in all relationship-building ~

Want the link to this powerful headline tool? Find it in Module #2

Sorry, can't say more but it's a doozy! 

Get these Bonuses!

BONUS #1: 'IDEAL AUDIENCE BLUEPRINT' If you tripped over your ideal customer in the grocery, would you recognize her? Here’s how we’ll make sure you can: this amazing ‘fill in the blanks’ tool will have you draw a picture of your ideal customer with dozens of surprising features in 6 categories of identification. Way beyond demographics and even psychographics. You’ll have complete clarity that you can serve this person with your product benefits.          Value: $300

BONUS #2: 'SECRETS OF ONLINE CONVINCING, my 2020 E-book will be a powerhouse resource as you write your marketing messages, autoresponders, program invitations and more. Value: $47

BONUS #3: 'PRIVATE STRATEGY MEETING' For 7 fast action takers, only We’ll enjoy a private, expansive conversation - just you and me - to review your marketing strategy to attract and engage the person that most wants the benefits you offer. Value: $425


Your price is just $ 397 for:

Total Clarity of Your Ideal Client  & How to Communicate with Them  with Ease and Results, like this:

1. Mastery of Key Marketing Strategies: Understand Your Audience, Build the Path They Want to Follow, Nurture Their Increased, Ongoing Value to Your Business

2. Focused, Easy to Follow Recorded Training  

3. Group Meetings (Live & Recorded) to Expand Your Expertise

4. Learn to Use Relationship-Based Visibility and Credibility 

5. The Real Power of the Marketing Funnel

6. Money Back Guarantee!

But ReallyWhat's Most Important?

A Lifetime of Improved Marketing and Revenue Results!

money back


30 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If you don’t have results, you will get your money back…

I have only two conditions.
First, you have to submit all the completed lessons within 5 weeks.
And second, prove to me that you applied 20% of the material, and if you still haven't had improvements and results, I'll pay back your tuition, to the last dollar.

So, you with me? I want to see you and your business soar; you have gifts your buyers need yet won't find if you don't know how to talk their language and engage them to take action. Click the green box above; take the action that'll see your online marketing efforts really pay off with new, happy and long-term customers. Get started with your first bonus today ~

About the Author

Andrea Feinberg

President of Coaching Insight, LLC, Andrea Feinberg partners with growth-focused, independence-driven business owners to radically accelerate revenue with a well-run business that contributes to a happy, abundant life.

She is a graduate of New York University’s Stern School of Business (Marketing), Coach University's 3-year advanced training program and a founding member of Coachville, the world's largest coach-training body.

She’s achieved designations of Certified Strategic Business Leadership Coach, Certified Facilitator-Coach, Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, Certified Professional Speaker and Certified Emotional Intelligence Mentor through EQ Mentor.

She’s published and contributed to 6 books, including “Time Junkie: 101 Tips for Biz Owners to Get More Time NOW”, “The Essential Coaching Book” and “Productivity”.

Through private practice and contracted engagements with international clients, Andrea is proud to have had a measurable, positive impact on over 1,000 business owners.

Included among:

  • 50 Top Influential Women, Long Island Business News
  • Product Development Award, McGraw-Hill Corporation
  • Product Innovation, Standard & Poor’s Corporation
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