➢Is This Really
The Best Marketing Course Ever?

Well, before I answer that question, let me ask another:

Why should you care?

You’ve already answered that; you’ve answered it by devouring the nearly 2 dozen email lessons you've received in the digital marketing e-course. You’ve answered in your frustration over not finding the perfect combination of keyword search, content mastery, sequence of offers and the quality of who shows up at your site - and then clicks away, mere seconds after you spent days and who knows how much cash to get them there.

Why should you care?

Because, I know you’re completely focused on building a success; a success with the idea you’ve spent so much time spinning into a product, a service, a program - on behalf of your customer and, frankly, on behalf of yourself, your family, for a better quality of life.

Why should you care?

Because the number of questions you send after every email lesson, tells me you’re hungry for more - for clarity, an easily marked path and well-written directions to make your mark in business, and make it big - with your product, with your message, online.

Why should you care?

Because you get up early and you go to bed late; you spend a long day in search of the perfect combination - of search phrases, marketing language, calculations, fevered bets on doing it this way and rejecting that way without real confidence that either choice is the right one.

There is not anything like this.

The truth is, I don't  brag much and, yet, I can confidently say that what you are going to learn with TBMCE and what you’ll be able to achieve with it, you really won't find elsewhere. And what is that? It’s a combination of:

  • practical content
  • the tools to guide you through implementation
  • the support you need when you need it.

Now, I will tell you: it's a lot of content, delivered slowly; like a meal from a slow cooker. It gives you time to savor each developing layer of enticing 'aroma'; in this case, that's meaning, usefulness and personal relevance. This kind of training program and this approach (wait 'til you read the details, below), and at such a good price, is nowhere to be found. If it is, let me know, and I’ll sign up there. You see, no matter how much detail I put into each lesson, no matter how simple and baby-step-like I made each lesson with its directions, I can’t think the way you do; I can’t predict that the emphasis I put on one thing will be THE thing for which you want that emphasis, now; I can’t always know that you’re working on this now & you’ll get to that later. So, The Best Marketing Course Ever has taken that into account. It comes with a level of support you've never seen, especially not at this price.

I can tell you this with confidence: no matter how much you dig through the net, you won’t know what to look for without the perspective you gain from massive experience. And building that experience - trial and error, over time, time, time - is what I’ve already done; and I’ve done it for you, here in this course.

You can't find something that you don't know exists at all. But let me tell you: this does NOT exist, not anywhere other than here, as an invitation to you. Unique and without duplicate. This can't be copied unless someone clones me. My expertise in this arena, delivered to you; my experience,  my failures, ‘aha’ moments, discovered shortcuts and resources - I’m here for you so you don't have to take all the time, pitfalls, wasted expense and failed expectations that I've had before finding what I packed into this program for you. 

And why should you care about that? Well, because you’ve been reading and implementing, where you can, from the nearly 20 email lessons I’ve sent (and, yeah - there are more coming; you’re a VIP and I’ll always treat you like one). You want this content and more. And, you already know that when you reach out for feedback, for support or more insight on this or that, I take the time to deliver what will give you real results - I've answered every question you've sent with the consideration you deserve on your unique journey to the 'more' you want.

You know that what you’ve already received is delivered only after research, trial, failures and successes; and I’ve shared all of that with you - and will continue to do - because it’s important that, with any course material, you know 3 things:

  • What to do
  • How to get it done
  • Why it’s important for you; the impact it can have

So, when I tell you there really is nothing like this, it’s not that I’m bragging; it’s because nothing else that you might find will deliver from the point of view of your success; the ‘right in the moment’ responsiveness, the up to date content and the context - the why of it - to really ground you in what’s important; for you, right now. You see, there’s a unique feature to this course that I’ll share about below and, it’s exciting to tell you: this program is NOT written in stone, as they say. It will evolve and change with your feedback, your questions, your needs; pretty cool, yes?

And, here's another reason I can make that claim - there’s really nothing else like this:

All that really matters in online marketing, in one place.

You won't have to invest in 20 different courses when you have all the crucial marketing concepts, techniques and resources, from all key areas, in one place with me. Let's talk about the system you’ve got here, explained in plain language.

In order to achieve as much as possible with your online business, there are 3 main categories to master:

Traffic, Conversions, Funnels: we're going to talk about all the main elements that make up these three areas so that when you apply them, your own common sense and beautifully crafted marketing funnels will direct massive quality leads (traffic) to your site and your visitor will want what you’ve got, now (conversions). And we'll do it in lessons laid out in a common sense sequence so what you master today is supported by what you learned last week and is laying the foundation for the lessons to come.

Here are the topics you'll master:


  • techniques
  • sales phrases
  • short cuts
  • tricks to writing introductions
  • elaboration and conclusions
  • bullets, titles, writing "clickable" Facebook and Google ads
  • designing slogans and more 

All the catnip you could want to attract and then satisfy your prospect. There’s even a massive section on deconstructing good sales and landing pages, line by line.

Email Marketing: from technical to practical, including

  • autoresponder series
  • copywriting for this format
  • sequences, how, when and how many emails
  • high open rates, clicks, engagements and reactions, segmentation, personalization, and more to build great relationships with a large audience
  • best practices to increase: Your List, Open Rates, Conversions, Retention, Sales

But you know what? None of that will matter if they don’t open and read your email so, of course, that’s a key element too.

SEO: There is so much about being first on Google, getting there faster, easier and with more stability so research is king:

  • link building
  • on-page optimization of individual articles
  • developing a good hierarchy
  • competition research
  • your market, links, keywords, trends, local SEO
  • Secrets to Market Research,
  •  SEO Content Marketing & Key Keyword research for powerful results
  • How to increase the number of Requests for your products/services
  • System and results: Link-Building to improve SEO for beginners
  • How to Use SEO for Local Marketing campaigns - especially for small business
  • Google AdWords and Analytics for Beginners: Essential metrics
  • A blueprint to the front page of Google & a secret to stronger Google visits

and more to ultimately deliver a bunch of organic, mega-quality Google visits right to your linked pages.

Content Marketing:

  • how to think through and develop your strategy
  • how and how much to publish and where
  • how to get the most out of each article
  • how to get the article done from start to finish
  • how to hold your reader's attention, give them value and build trust through content.
  • how to create content that converts visitors to customers
  • how to find, hire and train great writers for your content

How content sells and how to position yourself as an authority in the marketplace with content.

Facebook and Google adsFrom 

  • paid ads
  • cheaper clicks
  • reputation building
  • a popular fan page
  • engagement
  • targeting
  • creating good end-to-end ads
  • measuring results
  • optimizing your campaign
  • how to get the most out of Facebook on the one hand and Google AdWords on the other.
  • how to build a reputation, target your ideal audience
  • the formula of a profitable Facebook marketing strategy: from first click to client
  • how to get cheap clicks with the right traffic in huge numbers and then track conversions through Facebook

All so you can generate a higher Click Through Rate and Relevance score to build a profitable channel.

Conversion Rate Optimization: How you can use all the tools, as well as ideas, to increase conversions … 

  • cheap and effective tricks to building a profitable Funnel 
  • enhancing the value of the individual customer 
  • connecting the threads of all the elements to work together as a well-integrated system.

Strategy Options: before you apply any tools, it's important to know your strategy - the ideas that will make those tools work overtime for you; you'll know how to select and focus on just those that deliver results for you:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Back Links
  • Niche and Audience Definition
  • Social Proof with Stellar Testimonials and Recommendations
  • Lead Magnets and Funnels
  • Exquisite Customer Care
  • Profitable Website Design and Use
  • Marketing Budget Development and Allocation
  • Conversion Rate Optimization for Beginners

And much, much more: guerrilla marketing, Instagram, re-marketing, outbound emails and affiliate marketing. 

Bottom line? You're getting practical, step-by-step instruction along with the underlying thinking around marketing and its selection of tools. It’s not just information; it’s transformation.

And you know what else really matters?

It’s practical and applicable, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced marketer.

How can that be? Like this:

The Best Marketing Course Ever is equally useful…

  • for beginners who don't already have a business and want to learn all the "secrets" of marketing
  • for seasoned marketers who always miss out, waiting for just one more good idea to get rich
  • for small business owners who want that business to be BIG business
  • for students who want to build up their resume and for those who see ‘entrepreneur’ in their future
  • for employees who want to quit and operate their web business, full time
  • whether you have your eye on local or global markets
  • whether you’ve got a small or large budget or even none at all!
  • for B2B and B2C businesses
  • whether you sell physical products, services, or information.

You don't have to be a programmer or an "IT expert" to follow these lessons. You’re in an excellent starting position if now you just surf the web, use Facebook and know how to send emails. Everything else can be easily learned; (well, here, with The Best Marketing Course Ever, it will be easily learned.) And it will be done with:

easy-to-follow documented lessons delivered a week apart

fill-in-the-blanks Action Guides for customization

support when you need it (more on this below)

But this is not for everyone…

1. If you can't dig in for an hour, hour and a half each week to read the lessons and learn something new and if you expect someone else to do the work and implement the ideas for you - this course is not for you.

2. And, even though it's a great deal at a great price, if you are giving your last penny for it, TBMCE is not for you, at least, not now.

3. Unless you already have an active business, you won't see the effects of what you'll learn right away. This is not a get rich quick course. So, if you have a problem with money now, believe me: you’d be better served to take care of your needs before you borrow to join. I don't want you to experience that kind of burden.

Are there other ways to get the value you’ll get here? Yes - with plenty of digging and a lot more time, you can learn a lot online for free.

However, I won’t kid you: you’ll need much more time and you will make mistakes; probably, some expensive ones, but you can still learn a lot for free. That’s just the way it is when you’re picking up a bit from here and then another bit from there. It's not the same as what you’re going to get from me, integrated and all in one place with ease, simple, laid out detail & support.

There is something here, different from what you have seen in other courses and it’s this:

I’ve always found, whether as a student or teacher, that ‘context’ is critical to understanding. That’s why you’ll see I’ve emphasized more than the ‘what’ and ‘how’; you’re getting the ‘why’, too. It’s that last bit - why - that will let you know: “Is this something I need to focus on right now or can it wait until I master this other topic, instead?”

The material is presented in 7 broad categories so you can select that which makes most sense to what’s happening in your business now. You see - I know how easy it is to get sidetracked with ‘shiny objects’  - those ideas that come along and appear exciting yet will distract you from what you’ve already identified as a priority. So - you’ll know the broad categories we’re delivering, and when, and you decide to work on the one that’s right for you now

This is not the usual perspective of any master course work.

Typically, the expert hurls out everything s/he knows, the way s/he learned it (and often in the way it will make you hungry to buy more). That’s NOT what you’re getting here. I don’t want to overwhelm you with the details of what’s included; believe me when I tell you it’s all laid out in a very common sense approach; an approach that seems to ‘see you’, helping you go deep with one category at a time, the category that makes you realize ‘Aha! This is what fits in my planning now and that will be perfect to use in 6 months!’.

So, it bears repeating: You're getting practical, step-by-step instruction along with the underlying thinking around marketing and its selection of tools. It’s not just information; it’s transformation.

Whew; that’s a lot AND there’s more...

➢Answers To Frequently Asked Questions from Other TBMCE Members…

I love this piece; It means you get shortcuts, best practices and answers to the questions you may have forgotten to ask;   you’ll know there are others experiencing the same journey you are and all by itself, that is an empowering feature.

➢Recommendations for the best, specialized courses and books...

When something interests you, I mean it really turns you on, you immediately want more, right? Well, I’ll give it to you, ASAP. You won’t have to hunt, you won’t spend a dime. As if I’m right there, reading over your shoulder, I’ll give you, in linked content,  more detail; the detail that has tickled your fancy and spurs you to take more, faster action.

➢Exactly what, where and who to read

And sometimes, while you may not recognize it right there in the moment, I’ll know you’re going to want more about what you’re reading so, even if you don’t click on it now, you’ll have fresh, relevant resources - your own library of amazingly on-point content to guide you.

➢TBMCE is delivered over 6 months

Whoa - did I just say 6 months?? OK, this may seem like a big commitment but really, it’s reinforcement of the commitment you’ve already made to yourself, to your business and maybe, to your family, cheering you on. TBMCE deliberately takes time because only you know the pace with which you’re ready to digest all the information and implement these ideas, little by little, step by step, lesson by lesson. And, of course, the content doesn’t go away; it’s your own library to read, re-read and follow at your pace, your sequence based on your need and speed to advance. So, we're delivering slowly so you have time to absorb, make it uniquely yours and then plan or implement; makes sense, right?

Just imagine - if you decided to attend a graduate school program in digital marketing mastery, how long would that take? Well, this is that level of content but, rather than competing with other students or the teacher’s schedule, you move ahead - with my support (and more on that in a minute) at the pace that’s right for you and your goals.

It's just that you'll really learn something here. Not just to know it; to know how to use it in a way that makes sense for you, not me, not a teacher and not ‘the rest of the class.’

The good news is that this  program - a comprehensive ‘what, how and why experience’ - won't cost you much - really.

It won't cost you $10,000 - $20,000 as some marketing gurus, branded universities or even IT programs would charge you; sometimes, you know, as in advertising, you’re paying for the packaging as much as the value of the product, right? Nope, not even $2,000.  Keep reading - this really is an opportunity I’m excited to give you.

And, while you’re getting the opportunity represented by the content, as well as my own experience, resources, contacts and support, this is a new program whose existence I owe to you. You see, while this product idea has been noodling around my brain for a while, it was you - your comments, questionnaire replies and questions - that really brought it all into focus as a ‘must do!’ now. So, as a ‘thank you’ to you, you’ll find the price very reasonable, even surprisingly low.

And, while I know you have plenty of other options, the truth is: If you want to make real cash in the real world, you are very welcome - and wise - to join me here.

What you will learn with TBMCE is not taught in any college. I know you will learn a lot more useful, practical and immediately applicable material and thought-provoking concepts here than in any other marketing course.

This course is "live"

What do I mean by this? Well think of it like this: You know for yourself that music is not the same when it is a live gig and when it is on playback or when you just play it on a computer. In fact, even when watching it live on a screen, and you see the added excitement of the audience that you don’t see in the studio, it’s not like you’re there, truly sharing the experience. A truly live experience, in which you’re a participant, adds the momentum and environmental shifts brought about by the rest of the crowd - the noise, the smells, the interaction and jostling. It’s all part of what adds the ‘in the moment’ electricity that you just won’t get by watching a live event from the distance of your sofa at home. You get that, right?

A good band does not play by heart or only what they prepared for the set; it doesn’t play based on the whim of a drunken guest or the one who puts the most money in their pockets. A great band performs with the mood and reactions of the audience, they adjust depending on what the moment needs to make it a real, unforgettable experience.

And that's a unique benefit with TBMCE. It doesn’t work on playback. It's not already recorded, unchanging from student to student. TBMCE is a living organism that evolves and responds to you.

I’ve conceived this learning experience to respond - to you. We have the strongest program that will also be tuned up as you require … so it gives you the right information when you’re ready to receive and act on it. Plus, if something isn't immediately clear or not quite on the mark, you can always ask me for more because I believe you're on a mission to deliver explosive benefit to your audience....

So, are you ready? 

You already know the VIP special price: I told you in the email lesson that got you to this page: $397

Please stay, don’t stray. You have direct access.

Need more? That's fair; check this out...Perhaps the biggest reason why TBMCE is so strong …

You have direct access to me and you can ask whatever you want. 

‘When it’s tough, get in touch - Andrea’. There, it’s in writing.

To be honest, I hesitated to even include the “Please stay, don’t stray” benefit in the package for free, but let the life wheel spin. You can ask me whatever you want. You have direct access and priority over all non-TBMCE clients. I get an average of 50 emails a day from real people, so even if I want to, I just can't get to every one of them, but I promise: I’ll get to yours.

Is anything more powerful than telling you exactly what went wrong, why it happened, how to fix it, how to learn from it?

So you have priority over all others (but please don’t tell my mother). That's why I'll call you Platinum VIP. Sure, you might wait just a little, but the answer is for sure: within 24 hours you get my personal attention, my very best just focused on you.

That doesn't mean we'll be in correspondence all day. We’re not able to do a professional analysis of your website or business, or a whole marketing plan or any in-depth consultation (but - that next level service can be had if you need it).

So, we are not “email buddies”… but I am definitely here to help as much as I can to be responsible to the expectations you have about a program named The Best Marketing Course Ever!

If you need help with a specific problem, you get stuck in the process somewhere, you are not sure what, how, where, how much, or you are simply confused. I’d rather you reach out and ask me for help, rather than have you waste time and money and peace of mind looking someplace else for a solution.

To give you any idea of how you might use this particular benefit of the program, there are 3 areas where I can quickly help ~


“Internet Audit Inspection” - I look at your website and say what's wrong and what you need to fix, in a flash (this alone is worth the price of the complete course) Value: $275

“Top Problem Killer” - You have some major marketing hassle, you are stuck, and you do not know how to solve it. That's where I go in like a Sabertooth Tiger, shred the problem into pieces and throw it at angry sharks. If I still do not know how to solve it, I know who does. What kind of guru would I be otherwise? Value: $425

“Idea Checker” - You have some "good" idea and you are burning with happiness. You want to confirm. That's where I come in to either confirm that you are a genius, or give you X reasons why this idea is not the one you want to pursue now; it’s too complicated, has too much competition, too many moving and uncontrollable parts, not in alignment with your mission. Bottom line: not worth whining about. Brutally honest. However, you will save a lot of grief or get additional ideas to boost the original idea. Value: $675

Did you add them up? Those bonuses are valued at over $1300...and there’s more:

Access to a secret network

And just when you thought it couldn't be stronger…..here’s a benefit with a kick stronger than ever.

Today, connecting with the right people is a huge resource; well, I am your new connection.

Whatever it takes. Whatever is beneficial to advance your dream. Whatever I can do to help - whether through my “know how” or my “know who.”

When you are a member of TBMCE, you get access to my network which is growing day by day.

Copywriters, lawyers, developers, designers of anything and everything,  students, teachers, transcribers, video editors, networking or network marketing …You get my drift?

Architects, bloggers, writers, portal owners, linguists, judges, musicians, database management, mathematicians, freelancers and consultants, and even civil servants…You need it, we’ve got it or will find it for you.

A strong team, and no one knows we exist. And there are more and more of us, and every day in every way we become stronger and stronger. And you know what? Now you’re on the team, too! Can I refer you to someone who needs your expertise? It's no problem for me to connect you if you are useful to each other, right? I'm not guaranteeing anything, but if I think that you are connectable, I will connect you, no problem. Happy to do it!

And what is more powerful than a personal recommendation?

How will the course be delivered?

That’s easy; TBMCE is an upgraded “e-course”: you receive my lessons through emails just like you have before only this time, each one is more in depth and comes with an Action Guide for you to make it uniquely your own. Additionally, you’ll have a Master Plan Flow Chart - your own plan builder in which you’ll fill in the blanks: your specific elements and timeline arising from your application of each lesson.

You can follow wherever you want from the globe, at a time that suits you. Whether it's 3 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon; are you in New York, Sydney, Belgrade, Tokyo or Rio de Janeiro (and if you’re in Rio, can I visit?). You read the lessons on your schedule, plan the follow up work with your Action Guide and Master Plan Flow Chart and, when it’s needed, invoke the ‘stay, don’t stray’ feature and I become your answer queen. Got it?

You will receive long and short lessons, as well as occasionally very detailed guides on specific topics. And practically, sales psychology that gives you an absolute edge over your competition.

For the next 6 months you will receive an average of one lesson per week, but often more. I don't want to overwhelm you with too much information at once. You will learn a lot more if you learn something new and useful every week than get too much at once that you don’t have the time to fully absorb before you implement.

For each lesson with which you have a specific question, you can write to me to clarify.

And, from time to time I’ll blitz you with new tips, will analyze and break down good and bad advertisements, various real-life “case studies” and everything else that is not on the current list. Remember, this course is ‘live’ adding relevance as it occurs.

Wait - did you see those 3 gifts? $1300++ in bonuses? 

And the full price is only $397?

Click that button now because if you click anything else, this hugely discounted offer - only for you, a VIP subscriber and better than a Willie Wonka Golden Ticket -will not be found anywhere else 

Is this possible? 100% money back guarantee

And the best saved for the end. I’m telling you there’s really nothing like this anywhere.

Along with TBMCE, you will get my 100% guarantee.

If you don’t have results, you will get your money back… I have only two conditions:

First, you have to read all the lessons (I follow what you read).

And second, prove to me that you applied at least 10% of the material, and if you still haven't seen any improvement and results, I’ll pay back all you paid me, to the last dollar.

Who else offers a guarantee like this?

It may seem crazy, but I am so sure of the quality of the applicability of what you will learn that I can give you that guarantee without thinking.

There, I take all the risk on myself. You have nothing to lose. Try it out and see for yourself how this knowledge works for you and your business.

World education, homemade in the USA

Sacha-Baron-Cohen-borat-made in usa

Image source: independent.co.uk

And yet, with all this jaw-dropping value, there's that price...


Believe it or not… this whole mega-marketing package is only $397. (But remember - that price has been shredded. I already told you: as one of my VIP subscribers whose input and questions helped guide development of the program, when you next see this offered to a broader audience, the price will be nearly double what yours is.

Who else offers you so much for so little?

Not just content

Not just access

Not just support and feedback but also:

No risk: no results and you get your money back. Period.

Just show us you did the work as described. Show us what you had before you purchased the course and what things are like now, after you read and applied just a portion of the material.

I thought a lot about how much to charge for the course ... to make it affordable so you can learn it, use it and grow with it. Why do I care whether you prosper or not? Well, that's easy: it’s my Business Vision Statement:

"By contributing to the improved business success of small business clients, their ability to enjoy life will grow; that happiness will rub off on everyone with whom they interact and, one business owner at a time, I'm contributing to a healthier, safer, more educated world."

So - your success helps me see my vision realized and, when I figured it out, $397 is the bare minimum I could accept for the complete program and the value you get. (Again - please don’t tell my mother!!)

However you look at it, it's a drop in the ocean compared to how much value this will deliver and accelerate for you. And its value will only improve and deliver more: as time passes and the changes you make from this course will take flight, it will all come back to you, multiplied in improved visibility, more qualified traffic and higher rates of conversion (sales, baby, sales!)

The idea is that in 6 months, some of what I have learned through 30 years of education, work, mistakes, and successes will be landing in your bank account every day.

Countless courses, training, private coaches, consultants and other experts, seminars, forums and mastermind groups…

Working with hundreds of people in various fields and spending huge amounts of money on SEO, Content, Facebook and Google ads, including long and cross-country journeys from New York to Vancouver…

I’ve done all the long, hard work; I’ve made the mistakes and discovered the systems to success so you don’t have to play trial and error. It doesn’t have to take you the years of frustration I lived through before finding the golden path to identify and engage the audience who considers me necessary, even essential to their success. Isn’t that what you want too?

And, while fulfilling my vision statement is meaningful, the real reason I can offer such a deal at all is precisely the scalability we were talking about. Otherwise, I would have to charge incomparably more.

You see, you actually get about 400 hours of my time for less than the price of just one hour, what I would normally charge for 1 on 1 consulting. But, by offering this program to you, a member of my VIP list, I can leverage - scale up - all that time and know we’ll both get the reward we need from this program. This is how you get such an in-depth, carefully prepared and curated education at a fraction of its real value. And, beware - before the end of 2020, the price for this program WILL go up significantly.


The number of spots is really limited.

I have to limit the number of spots because of the “Please stay, don’t stray” benefit, so I can honor my commitment to you yet not live chained to the keyboard answering questions.

So, priority is given to who signs up first. Will it be you? I hope so; I want you here and you can easily see: I’ve made it amazingly easy for you to say ‘yes!’ 

No pressure… I won’t pull fake urgency. The house is not on fire. But decide for yourself how quickly you want change and how important it is for you to become a Jedi Marketer. (some day you need to ask me how I saw Star Wars - the original - with George Lucas on stage before it was released in theaters.) Because really, who enters as a beginner comes out ready to conquer the galaxy. You will have a weapon for selling in your head and the Force will be with you.

You can sign up anytime, provided there is room for new people that month; if not, you'll have to wait a while. Yet remember - no kidding - the price promise I made to you today will not last: when you’ve received the last of the VIP Series lessons, this offer goes away. And​​ my mother would kill me if she knew the deal I offered; (my mother - the smartest person I know.)

You can sign up ANY time, the course is OPEN and there are a limited number of people I accept on a monthly basis, so if there is room, come in NOW, and get the crazy discounted price I offered you, $397.

And that's it.

You’re asking: How do I apply?

Go through the offer again, see the enormous range of digital and strategic marketing topics we cover and the impact this will have for you. Go ahead, I’ll wait and with that review, you’ll know why I named this The Best Marketing Course Ever!

OK, Ready? Click and it’s yours.

Everything you want to build your online visibility to the audience that wants your goods and services is at your fingertips:

The results

The updating

The support

The feedback

The Internet Audit - bonus valued at $275

The idea Generator - bonus valued at $425

The Problem Killer - bonus valued at $675

All Yours Now -

for less than a pair of way-in-the back orchestra seat at any Broadway show…..

And what do you get?

A lifetime of happiness, creating satisfied customers with your profitable business and its value,
with a system and honest support to see you soar
Andrea Feinberg celebrate with you?
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P.S. Now it’s decision time.

In 6 months from today, life can be completely different. And it can also be the same. There is much more under your control than ‘they’ sometimes want you to believe. I believe you’re in control of yourself and your business and the goal you envision. I want you to do something today that your future self will thank you for. I want to be there when that happens and I’ll buy the drinks!

* Payment in dollars, (except for payments outside the USA).

* Do you still read these little letters?

* What are you waiting for? Get in. NOW! Remember:  Every little improvement you make in your business shows up as a happier life for you and your happiness rubs off on all those with whom you have contact; the best kind of multiplication there is?. 

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